"The Visitation" by Roger Van Der Wyden

Roger Van Der Wyden

"From a theological point of view, Easter is the center of the Church year; but Christmas is the most profoundly human feast of faith, because it allows us to feel most deeply the humanity of God. The crib has a unique power to show us what it means to say that God wished to be "Immanuel"-- a "God with us", a God whom we may address in intimate language, because he encounters us as a child.  This makes Christmas a feast that invites us in a special way to meditation, to an internal act of looking at the Word (cf Lk 1:29; 2:19; 2:51). " -Pope Benedict XVI

During this first week of Advent, let us notice the children around us and remember that is how Christ came to us. As Pope Benedict XVI said this allowed us "to feel most deeply the humanity of God."  We are waiting for the birth of our savior. Just as a pregnant woman waits for her child to be born, there are many things to do to prepare for that child's arrival. In the same way lets use this short liturgical season to prepare for Christ. Whether that consists in committing to daily meditation in scripture, going to confession before Christmas Mass, daily sacrificial offerings, or daily Mass.

May we be ready to hold the Christ child on Christmas day because it is "in the Child Jesus, that we see most clearly the defenselessness of God's love".