A loss of words…

  There have been many occasions in my life where I've stumbled my words trying to defend the Church's teachings. Whether it was to friends being impure with their boyfriends, getting drunk, or using artificial birth control, the topic always seemed to be brought up and I always dreaded having to speak why it was wrong. This is something I have and still struggle with but with many failed attempts, prayer, a firm belief in the wisdom of Holy Mother Church and (of course) grace, im slowly learning how to lovingly and clearly speak the truth of our Catholic faith. Growing up I heard a lot of NO without any explanation of why. It's true that we should learn the basics and (hopefully) MORE about our faith at home, but the reality is that most of us dont, and even if so, dont learn the WHY. Lets zoom in on a few important WHY's. WHY is "hooking up" or pre-marital sex a mortal sin? WHY is getting drunk or using drugs a mortal sin? WHY is birth control a mortal sin? These and many other questions rattled my heart as I sought to find truth for myself and others. Lets start with the basic definition of sin:
1849 Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods. It wounds the nature of man and injures human solidarity. It has been defined as "an utterance, a deed, or a desire contrary to the eternal law."121Catechism of the Catholic Church
Then on to mortal sin:
1855 Mortal sin destroys charity in the heart of man by a grave violation of God's law; it turns man away from God, who is his ultimate end and his beatitude, by preferring an inferior good to him. -Catechism of the Catholic Church 1857 For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: "Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent."131 -Catechism of the Catholic Church For more on venial and mortal sin- http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/p3s1c1a8.htm
  Let that sink in...   Contrary to what our culture believes, great freedom is found in those words. Basically ladies, our answer to the WHY is because of our great desire to stay in union with God. If we do sin mortally, that is OUR choice to turn away from God. Not His. What a loving Father that He will NEVER turn from us. Our God, our Creator, the One who made everything! If we are not in union with Him our life crumbles and we can't see clearly. Take it from me, its the darkest and most desolate place to be, even when we pretend its not. But there is hope. Gods Mercy has brought us the sacrament of reconciliation for when we fall. Don't be afraid to invite other Catholic friends there as well. Lets set our hearts on heaven and not in this world. We can be that example to our friends and lovingly speak from our hearts why we are convicted to never turn from God. So if you are faced with this challenge, pray for courage and the help of The Holy Spirit and let the truth pour out.   If we don't have God, then what DO we have?

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