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As we lay the foundations of Fidelis, we need your help in a particular way.

Fidelis has been offered an opportunity for a $13,000 matching gift. Can you help us reach that goal by September 13th?

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Do you feel called to support women and girls around the country as they support each-other and grow in virtue?  Fidelis seeks to provide a formation of the whole person through retreats and small groups for women and weekly chapter programming for girls in grades 6-12.

*Note: all donations are processed through our brother organization, Fraternus.

The Foundation of a New Apostolate

Begun organically as a sister program to Fraternus, Fidelis was created in response to a need. For the first time, Fidelis is launching in 2017 with a full-time staff, ready to serve the feminine heart around the country.

Thank you for helping Fidelis respond to the needs that first created this mission.
You are part of our founding story. 

"The world doesn't need what women have, it needs what women are."

Edith Stein

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