Start a Chapter

What are the steps to Starting a Chapter?

  • Fidelis is a sister program to Fraternus, which is a mentoring program for young men. Parishes that would like to start Fidelis must first have a Fraternus Chapter in place.
  • The Fidelis Program does not have the same type of support and training as Fraternus. Fraternus has a workshop training for men that is live, as well as continual phone and email support. At this point, there is not the staff support or funding to make that possible for Fidelis too. What is provided is a framework for meeting, content for each meeting including lessons, messages to give the girls and movie clips. Fidelis Chapters also have the Fidelis book, which contains prayers, weekly discussion, and teachings about virtue from the Church and her saints.
  • In order to begin the process of starting a Fidelis Chapter, please inquire with your pastor and leaders in the parish to discern if Fraternus and Fidelis together are a good fit.
  • For more information contact Jason Craig at

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